Marlie (Marlaina) Williams

Vivid IP - Marlie Williams

Marlie (Marlaina) Williams
Marketing & operations manager
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Marlie does just about anything and everything at Vivid IP—except practice law. With a Bachelors’ degree in Mass Communication/Media Studies and a Master’s in Integrated Global Communications, Marlie was balancing three job titles (including “founder,” of a freelance social media business) when Marcy hand-picked her for an executive assistant position. Now, as marketing and operations manager, Marlie smoothly handles all the daily tasks that keep Vivid IP running and growing—from marketing and communications, to billing and payroll, to supporting Marcy and the team across every client engagement, networking opportunity, and educational event.

All this while continuing to build her own brand and blog for ambitious women professionals (a subject on which she is clearly an expert).

Meet MArlie


What aspects of your work are you most passionate about?

“Marketing, branding, brand management, public relations, and strategic planning. My work is a balancing act, but I do it all in the spirit of wanting bigger and better things for Vivid IP.”

Do you own any trademarks, patents, or copyrights?

“Not yet—but I’m working on one for my LLC. Right now, the business is focused on my blog, but I’m expanding it into more of a girl-powered network or community for ambitious young women. At Vivid IP, we all have different—and multiple—dreams and goals for ourselves, and I’m grateful to be part of a company that truly wants to see you accomplish all them.”

Do you have any surprising talents?

“Singing! I’ve actually recorded and written songs, had my voice used in music featured on major streaming platforms, and worked with people I really look up to in the music industry.”



  • Kennesaw State University, MA Integrated Global Communication

  • Valdosta State University, BA Mass Communication/Media Studies