Georgia Bio Summit Illuminates Patient Advocacy and IP

Specializing in intellectual property law means that we get a first-hand look at emerging ideas in other industries. The biomedical field is no different, which is why we planned our week around attending Georgia Bio's 2019 Innovation Summit.

The Summit is an annual conference that draws leaders, scientists, and policy officials from across Georgia and beyond. It’s an impressive showcase of local and national companies that push boundaries in bio-pharmaceuticals, medical technology, and health and wellness in the 21st century.

This year's Summit theme was Empowering the Patient, prompting a focus on the building and protecting of tools to manage health-related data. A great example of this is the sheer volume of genetic tests and testing products available on the market—over 74,000, according to a 2018 Concert Genetics report—with an average of 14 new tests being released each day.

Among several panels about the digital health experience, a highlight for us was a seminar called "Realities of IP in the Life Sciences." This discussion centered around creating a practical way for medtech companies to manage a portfolio of their patents. That process includes building clear internal procedures for employees to disclose inventions to employers, considering the existing patent portfolios of competitors, and developing an overall path to protecting their own intellectual property.

This year, Georgia Bio went the extra mile in providing IP resources to attendees by facilitating an IP Lounge. Vivid IP, along with other legal groups, spent time with industry leaders to discuss and advise best practices in the management and enforcement of their intellectual assets.

Health and technology have always been fields that constantly evoke change and innovation, and those innovations need to be protected. Our firm is thrilled to work with clients in the biomedical field, and we're committed to helping them successfully advance the way we manage our health.

Vivid IP Founder  Marcy Sperry  & Senior Counsel  Alex Aron .

Vivid IP Founder Marcy Sperry & Senior Counsel Alex Aron.