Vivid IP

Our Story


After over a decade of practicing intellectual property law, at big law firms, Marcy Sperry saw how the traditional corporate approach was underserving her most creative, innovative clientele. So, she founded the alternative, Sperry IP Law. 

Two years after launching Sperry IP Law, alongside a talented team of like-minded go-getters and game-changers,

Vivid IP was born.

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Vivid IP

Our Mark

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All intellectual property begins with imagination.


The bright spark of a new idea. A vibrant dream that becomes an original reality. 

“Vivid IP” honors this truth at the heart of our work. It captures both our defining purpose(incisive, outstanding intellectual property for our clients) and our unique approach (bold, powerful, distinctive). 

Dramatically standing out from the crowd, our brand reflects our commitment to embodying the gold standard for IP law.