what we do


Our life’s work: Protecting yours. 

Our boutique, Atlanta-based firm serves as a dedicated IP law partner for local to global brands across the entertainment, biomedical/biopharmaceutical, hotel/hospitality, and technology industries—and beyond.

We know the true value of intellectual property—your brand, your creation, your invention—amounts to so much more than a number behind a dollar sign. It takes into account the hours you’ve put in. The sacrifices you’ve made. The sweat. The struggle. The hustle. Long nights, early mornings, and bottomless cups of coffee.

Originality takes ingenuity. But it also takes hard work, guts, and grit. We see in our clients the same passion and purpose that pushes us to out-do ourselves every day: The drive to create something new, novel, and—ultimately—invincible.

That’s why we’re here. This is what we do.

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A trademark is a powerful, protectable representation of your brand itself. It instantly communicates the unique qualities of your products and services, and embodies your company’s reputation, originality, and goodwill. With a single word (name, title), tagline, and/or logo, a strong trademark captures and defends market share—creating a solid foundation and invaluable representation for your brand. Vivid IP guides you through the entire trademark lifecycle: From selection, clearance, and registration, to renewal and enforcement. We’ll work with your branding team to select a distinctive mark that’s both marketable and legally protectable. Or, provide you with recommended, vetted trademark options to align with your branding goals. By continuously developing our global network of elite, boutique IP firm partners, we offer the strongest, most strategic trademark protection possible—the world over.


Our trademark services include:

  • Trademark Selection & Counseling (New Brands & Rebrands)

  • Trademark Clearance Searches (International & National Preliminary & Comprehensive Searches)

  • Trademark Watches

  • Registration (U.S. & International)

  • Enforcement

  • Brand Guidelines



A copyright protects original works of authorship that are fixed in a tangible medium of expression. In other words: Books, websites, blogs, music, movies, photographs, paintings, sculptures, live performances, software elements (including source code, object code, APIs, graphic elements, sequencing of tasks within the program), and other written or created works. As a creator, author, or artist, successfully copyrighting your work is essential to protecting its integrity, originality, and value for years to come. Vivid IP is prepared to assist you every step of the way.


Our copyright services include:

  • Counseling (On copyrightable subject matter, ownership, licensing, & sales of copyrighted works, etc.)

  • Copyright Opinions (On infringement, fair use, clearance, & registrability)

  • Copyright Assignment Agreements

  • Copyright Monetization

  • Copyright Registration

  • Copyright Enforcement

  • Copyright Clearance

  • Copyright Licensing


Patents provide legal protection for useful, novel, and non-obvious inventions. Securing patents grants inventors exclusive rights that protect the value of their inventions by preventing others from making, using, selling, or importing an infringing invention into the U.S. In an economy where innovation reigns supreme, Vivid IP understands that protecting original inventions—with speed and expertise—is essential to our clients’ success.


Our patent services include:

  • Patent Acquisitions & Due Diligence

  • Limited & Comprehensive Patent Searches

  • Freedom to Operate & Clearance Opinions

  • Competitor Patent Portfolio Analysis

  • Patent Application Drafting & Prosecution

  • Patent Watches

  • Patent Portfolio Management & Strategy


IP Enforcement & Litigation 

In today’s global and digital economy, intellectual property infringement is everywhere, and can target anyone—unless you’re protected by Vivid IP. If your valuable intellectual property rights are threatened or jeopardized, or your brand is accused of infringement, we stand ready to enforce or defend your IP. Combining our big-firm experience, advanced technology, and vast resources with a boutique approach, Vivid goes above and beyond to protect and enforce our clients’ IP rights from infringers at home and abroad.


Our IP enforcement & litigation services include:

  • Comprehensive Legal Strategies

  • Cease-&-Desist Letters

  • Litigation

  • TTAB Oppositions & Cancellations

  • UDRP Proceedings

  • Online, Social Media, & E-commerce Takedowns

  • License Negotiations

  • Coexistence & Settlement Agreements

Licensing & IP Transactions

We’re more than a law firm. We’re a committed partner in your success. Vivid IP works closely with our clients to develop strategies for capturing and maximizing revenue streams and optimizing your IP assets through licenses and agreements. Whether IP rights are at issue in an acquisition, litigation, settlement, or other transaction, we’ll protect, leverage, and monetize your intellectual property as fiercely as if it were our own.


Our licensing & IP transactions services include:

  • IP Assignments & Licenses

  • End User Software License Agreements

  • Technology License Agreements

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements

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IP Optimization 

At Vivid IP, we’re always looking ahead. As dedicated intellectual property advisors and partners, we’ll regularly conduct competitor IP portfolio assessments to ensure you have the edge in your industry, and to identify new paths (through licensing or other transactions) to help you capture even more IP revenue. Whether developing new industry-leading technology, monetizing existing IP, or creating stronger IP portfolios to secure new revenue opportunities, Vivid keeps your brand and its IP where it belongs—at the forefront.


Our IP optimization services include:

  • IP Portfolio Assessment

  • Competitor IP Analysis

  • Identification of Licensing Opportunities

  • Highlighting Technology Trends

  • Advancing/Capitalizing on New IP

  • SWOT Analysis

White-Label Partnerships

As a white-label partner for fellow legal practices, we’re prepared to step in seamlessly and execute fully—100% confidentially. Whether for short-term needs (like consulting on a particular case, or to fill a temporary staffing gap) or on an ongoing basis as expert IP counsel, we’re always open to smart collaboration and mutually rewarding partnerships. Because while we’re proud of our Vivid IP brand, we put our clients’ brands—and those of our partners—first and foremost.


Our white label services include:

  • Trademark Selection, Clearance, Registration, & Maintenance

  • Copyright Registration

  • IP Transactional Drafting & Advice

  • IP Enforcement & Litigation