Vivid IP

Brand Champions 


Our bold approach to trademark and intellectual property law affords our clients all the expertise and experience of a traditional corporate firm, with the highly personalized, on-call and in-your-corner dedication of a boutique practice.

We partner with every brand we represent, one-hundred percent.

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To boldly protect all IP as if it were our own and seek innovative, optimal legal solutions.


Our Values


we relentlessly represent your interests to achieve optimal legal results.

01 | True grit

“No” is not an answer: It’s an opening. We always fight for the “yes,” pursuing both our clients’ goals and the goals of our company with tireless perseverance and unyielding determination. We’re relentless—in the best way.


We see every legal issue as an opportunity to discover, craft, and deliver an optimal solution. We hit the ground running and don’t stop until we reach the finish line. We overcome obstacles, find a way, and always take responsibility for our actions and decisions.


03 | verve

Our attitude is “can-do” and “all-in.” We approach each day and challenge with intention, dedication, and enthusiasm. We do our best and give our all, in every endeavor.


Whatever our roles, we treat our clients’ matter as if they were our own; leading with passion, purpose, and poise. Entrepreneurs at heart, we embrace change, adapt nimbly, innovate fearlessly, and execute fully. We take calculated risks, make confident decisions, and own every outcome.


As individuals, we’re powerful. As a team, we’re unstoppable. We’re energized by challenge and thrive on competition. We trust our intuition and we know our strengths—and won’t hesitate to use them. A winning mindset is our greatest weapon. Remember: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t—you’re right.” (Henry Ford)


Your Team


Marcy L. Sperry

Founding Partner

John Brinson


Alex J. Aron

Senior Counsel

Nikki Davis

Office Manager

Beth B. Moore

Senior Counsel